Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene

White Park Cattle in Lockeridge Dene

Streams of lichen-rich sarsen stones litter the landscape and provide a safe environment for many species of plants, insects and birds.

Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene

Things to see and do 

Sun coming through the trees onto sarsen stones

What's special about Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene?

The National Trust looks after Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene because of their unique sarsen boulder streams which are a rich and diverse natural habitat for insects, birds, flower and lichens. These two special places are remnants of a much larger sarsen stream landscape but they still have a wonderful other-worldly feel about them.

Father, child and dog walking in Lockeridge Dene

Exploring the sarsen stream on foot

There's only one way to appreciate these special places and that's on foot. You can explore by finding your own way if you wish, or if you prefer you can follow set routes taking you through these landscapes.

Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene

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Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene

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View of the downs through autumn trees

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