Plant life at Lyveden

A yellow crowsfoot flower

Lyveden is home to flourishes of colourful plant life, differing throughout the seasons. As you explore the gardens, woodland and orchard, keep an eye out for the different flora that call Lyveden their home.


Visit Lyveden at this time of year to experience an array of spring colour. The woodland floor is alive with wildflowers such as violets, bluebells, primroses, Lady’s smock and cowslips, the county flower of Northamptonshire. The historic orchard bursts with the blossoms of a variety of fruit trees.


The orchard flowers are joined by fruit, well on its way to being ready to pick. In the woodland, orchids, primrose and yellow flag iris are in full bloom. This is the season when the wildflower meadows come into their own, littered with ox-eye daisies that create uplifting views across the grounds.


Lyveden in autumn is a paradise of red, yellow and gold leaves. Look out for the biggest, smallest or brightest coloured leaf. The remaining orchard apples are perfect for picking. Take a walk outwards from the lodge to appreciate the autumnal colour of hawthorn and field maple.


See if you can spot any evergreen species of tree that are enduring the cold. Keep an eye out for the first snowdrop of spring, as well as the daffodils and hellebores in the cottage garden.