Grazing horses

Pony grazing on May Hill common

There is a long tradition of horses and ponies grazing at May Hill. The ones you see today are owned by a local commons grazier. They are semi-feral and although inquisitive and usually docile, they need to be treated with respect.

The horses and ponies roam freely across the common but they're not allowed to graze the summit.  

By following the Countryside Code and a few simple tips, we can all enjoy May Hill.

  • Always close the gates you pass through, unless they are padlocked open. You will be helping to keep the horses and ponies off the summit where they are not allowed to graze. 
  • Never approach or try to touch the horses and ponies. This can upset them and may cause them to panic.
  • Never feed the horses and ponies. They can see people as food deliverers and can become intimidating and aggressive.
  • Walk around the herd, and never through it. This will avoid causing distress to the horses and ponies which could result in them chasing you.
  • Always pick up your dog waste and dispose if it responsibly. Horses eating plastic bags or dog waste can be fatal.
  • They can crowd around the gates to the summit but do not let them through.

Help us to care for the special places you love in the Cotswolds by always following the Countryside Code.

The Countryside Code (PDF / 2.1328125MB) download