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Our fully biodegradable magazine wrapper

Collage of a selection of covers of the National Trust members' magazine
Covers of the National Trust members' magazine | © National Trust

We've switched the wrapping on our members' magazine to compostable potato starch, as part of a wide-ranging phase-out of single-use plastics. Find out a bit more about why we've made this move.

Fully compostable wrapper

Since summer 2018, each issue of National Trust Magazine has been sent out by Advanced Direct Mail, wrapped in compostable BIOPLAST® 300.

It is a plasticiser-free, thermoplastic material that contains natural potato starch and other biologically sourced polymers.

BIOPLAST® 300 uses waste potatoes left out of the food chain in Eastern and Northern Europe, and is processed to release the starch and manufactured into granules.

The wrap is ‘OK compost HOME’ certified as fully home compostable and complies with European standard EN13432 for industrial composting. This means it can be easily disposed of with food waste, garden compost or in green council recycling bins and is also completely biodegradable.

This is one step in the National Trust’s commitment to:

• Ensuring our shops are free of single-use plastic by 2022.
• Removing all single-use plastic bottles in cafés by 2022.
• Investigating the alternatives for single-use plastics in our plant nurseries and plant sales areas.

Find out more

For trade or business enquiries relating to the product, please contact Julie Ray or Jo Lucas at Advanced Direct Mail via email on

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Our partners

Seedling certification

The seedling logo is a registered trademark owned by European Bioplastics. It proves that a product is certified industrially compostable according to the European Standard EN 13432.

OK Compost HOME

TÜV AUSTRIA created the ‘OK compost HOME’ certification standard, which allows companies and organisations to guarantee complete biodegradability.

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