The Orchard and Cider Mill at Middle Littleton

MLTB Orchard and Church

Middle Littleton Tithe Barn, Worcestershire, has received funding from the Copella Plant & Protect campaign to establish a new orchard - planting over 50 English Apple trees including local varieties.

Two  cider  mills,  complete  with  their  milling equipment exist today in Middle Littleton, although they are no longer  in  use.  One  these  is  part  of  the outbuildings  of  the  Tithe  Barn  while  the other is attached to a house in West Side. Local  brewing  of  beer,  as  well  as  cider making,  was  important  to  a  small  village community.

Middle Littleton Tithe Barn Apple Press
Middle Littleton Tithe Barn Apple Press

The orchard, owned by the National Trust, has been awarded funding from the campaign, which aims to reverse the disappearance of the English Apple following the news that UK orchards have declined by 95% in the last 40 years.

Volunteers prepping orchard tree guards 2011
Volunteers in Orchard

This latest funding further boosts the orchard restoration work that the National Trust has been doing in partnership with several other organisations, including Natural England, over the last couple of years to help protect heritage varieties and wildlife habitats.

Worcester Pearmain at Middle Littleton
Worcester Pearmain at Middle Littleton

We intend to plant a number of varieties in the orchard including: Ashmead Kernel, Worcester Pearmain, Wyken Pippen, Catshead, Ten Commandments.

The Cider Mill at Middle Littleton
Cider Mill MLTB