Mill Bay

Important notice -

On busy days this car park can be full from 10 am. The narrow lane to the car park can get easily congested after this time and can present serious problems for residents and emergency vehicles. Please arrive early or later in the day to find a space

Unspoilt, wild coastline with turquoise waters and golden beaches

Experience the breathtaking views and amazing fresh air

Visiting Mill Bay: What you need to know

Please be aware this is a small car park accessed by narrow country lanes. At busy holiday times the car park can quickly fill up.

Mill Bay

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Mill Bay


Mill Bay

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The South West coast

The South West coast provides the backdrop to generations of family memories (bucket and spade holidays anyone?). The coast gives us a connection to our island heritage and is home to a rich array of marine and coastal wildlife. Watch the video to see what makes the South West coast so special.