Event licensing

There are lots of outdoor activities that take place

We've developed a licensing scheme to help manage events and activities that take place on the land we care for.

As a charity, we've always welcomed outdoor events and activities. Up until a few years ago, we were able to license these in an informal way.

Why license?

More recently, we've seen a huge growth in the number of people using our places as venues for a range of outdoor activities. While it's brilliant that so many more people are enjoying our places, it's also brought a lot of new challenges.

The volume of activity is having a real impact on the wear and tear at our sites - and the wildlife that depend on them.

The licensing process means we have a single, consisent way of managing  the activities that happen at our places - ensuring that we continue to enable as much access and enjoyment as possible, without damaging the natural environment that people come to enjoy.

How to apply

If you're thinking of holding an event on Minchinhampton or Rodborough Commons, please get in touch with us before making any plans. Either drop us an email or give us a call on 01452 814213.