Sub groups

A visit on a rainy day

Committee members are encouraged to sit on and participate in at least one of the three committee sub groups. These groups focus on the delivery and implementation of ideas and improvements.

The sub groups meet at least four times a year but can meet more regularly to talk about emerging issues. Members of sub groups use their own networks to help communicate the work of the National Trust and wider committee.

Communications group


  • Promoting awareness of the importance of the commons
  • Increasing knowledge about the work of the committee
  • Working with local schools to inspire students in their appreciation of the commons and encourage partnership working on community projects
  • Seeking sponsorship and donations for projects

Vegetation and conservation group


  • Fostering good working relationships with the graziers
  • Proactively managing major work
  • Contributing to the review of management plans
  • Undertaking survey and monitoring work
  • Increasing biodiversity

Vehicle management group


  • Providing support on the outcomes of vehicle feasibility studies
  • Ideas for controlling erosion caused by the increasing pressure from vehicles and visitors
  • Discussing vehicle related issues and agreeing actions for the National Trust to implement