Quiet lanes

A misty view of Rodborough Common

Ancient Lanes snake along both sides of the commons. Country lanes are a vital part of life, but heavy lorries and speeding traffic are a huge problem.

Having them designated as Quiet Lanes can help to tackle this. Quiet Lanes have lower speed limits and promote walking, cycling and riding. 

One route goes from Brimscombe Hill via Swells Hill, Bagpath and Butterrow to The Albert and a higher one runs from Burleigh via Bownham to Butterrow Hill just beyond Winstones. On the western side of Rodborough Common, a further route heads from The Butts via Little London to Bear Hill.

Their designation as Quiet Lanes, with a 20mph limit came about after protracted and heated discussion between local Rodborough residents, and later Rodborough Parish Council, and Gloucestershire County Council Highways in 2009. 

Highways refused to sanction such low speed limits in a rural area, despite the Transport Act 2000 (38/S268) suggesting it could be allowed. But eventually, with support from local County Councillors, the scheme was introduced with bespoke signage in 2010. Even today, they remain the only rural Quiet Lanes in England to enjoy a mandatory 20mph limit.