Speed limit

Long-horn cows keep the grass short

The committee has been concerned about road accidents for years, even when the traffic was much lower than it is today.

The death of an animal is always a major upset, not just to its owner: the driver involved is often badly affected too. 

Most collisions that injure the animal result in it having to be humanely killed. Families have been putting out animals to graze the commons for generations, and dealing with injured and killed animals is very difficult for them.

The committee was not prepared to give up when it was told in the 1990s by the Highways Authority that imposing a 40 mph speed limit was not possible. 

We marshalled the evidence from other parts of the country including Dartmoor and the New Forest, and co-operated with local parish councils and others to get public opinion on our side. 

In the face of that the Highways Authority realised it was possible and the speed limit was put in place.  The cattle and drivers have benefitted from this, however now traffic numbers have risen to 60,000 per week across the commons, so we are working now to secure a 30 mph limit.