Winter at Montacute House

The table in the Great Hall at Montacute House decorated with candles and greenery

Mystery of the Yuletide Feast was how we celebrated Christmas in 2021. Check back here nearer the time to plan a festive visit in 2022.

Montacute House sleeps as winter falls. The family have departed for the yuletide season, and the house has been put to bed. However, all is not as it should be…

Mystery of the Yuletide Feast

In the house (open every day 11am to 3pm with last entry at 2.30pm), the remains of a decedent yuletide party have been discovered. Greenery and candles adorn the rooms and the atmosphere is charged.

During your journey through candlelit rooms, use your wits to uncover who was responsible for this festive feasting.

Enjoy the story, the mystery and the house being seen from a totally different perspective this winter. Is it possible to glean some clues amongst the lavish display of merrymaking that Montacute House has played host to?

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering is a personal choice, although they are recommended in crowded and enclosed places. Thank you for supporting us to make this a safe experience for everyone.

A refreshing walk

The festive season is a great time to share winter walks with your family and friends. We now have three great waymarked walks in and around Montacute House parkland and countryside. Each has its very own character but the one thing they all have in common are stunning views of the house.

Wellies or walking boots are highly recommended in the winter season.

Refreshed from your walk you can find some refreshment of another kind at the Courtyard Café, which will be suitably decked in greenery and serving the welcome hot food and drinks.