Explore Mount Grace Priory

The ruins of Mount Grace Priory surrounded by daffodils

Wander around the priory ruins and manor house, stroll in the formal gardens or explore the woodlands of Mount Grace Priory.

The Mount Grace stoats

After starring in a David Attenborough documentary in 2005, the Mount Grace Priory stoats hold the prestigious title of 'probably the most famous pack of stoats in Britain'.
You can often catch a glimpse of them as they explore the passages under the Priory.


Mount Grace Priory is managed by English Heritage. There is a regular programme of events here, please check the English Heritage website for more details.


Nestled in the woods in North Yorkshire, Mount Grace Priory makes a great base for a full day out taking in outdoor activities such as walking and cycling. Check the English Heritage website for more details.

Don't miss...

  • Explore the two new rooms opened in the arts and crafts style
  • Imagine what Carthusian life would have been like in the monk's cell
  • Get a glimpse of the famous priory stoats
  • Stroll around the revamped herb plot and gardens