Family home of the renowned architect Sir Herbert Baker


Things to see and do

Angled view of the front of Owletts with door and shutters closed

Come back and see us again in April 

We've now closed for the winter to allow the house to have a rest. Come back and see some of our highlights when we re-open on Sundays from April to September.

Highlights in our collection



Black and white photo of Sir Herbert Baker

Sir Herbert Baker: a great British architect 

Across the world, Sir Herbert Baker (1862 - 1946) has left behind a legacy to be proud of. As an architect, he was a leading light during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but what happened? Why is he now under recognised?


Our work

18th century flock wallpaper found at Owletts

Interior design at Owletts 

Updating our homes with the latest fashion is not a modern idea. During the conservation work at Owletts we were able to look back at the changing fashions in the house.