Packwood celebrates 75 years with the National Trust

Mother and daughter walking through the parkland at Packwood

This year Packwood is celebrating 75 years of the National Trust at Packwood. On 30 June 1941 Graham Baron Ash gave Packwood to the National Trust and to commemorate this anniversary we are looking to celebrate the many happy memories that people have had at Packwood over the last 75 years.

On 29 September 1904 Alfred Ash bought at auction the Packwood estate for his son Graham Baron Ash. He went on to restore the original Tudor farmhouse, saving furniture, panelling, floors and fireplaces from other country houses at risk of demolition and preserved them at Packwood before he gave everything to the National Trust.

Family exploring the woodland at Packwood
Family exploring the woodland
Family exploring the woodland at Packwood

Packwood is a magical place, with just the right ingredients to guarantee a memorable day out. We are looking to display photographs and memories of the special days out visitors have had from any time over the last 75 years. Do you have a particularly fond memory of a day at Packwood, a great story or a fantastic photograph to share with others?

" Packwood is such a special place to visit and I feel so privileged and very lucky to work here. First thing in the morning Packwood is tranquil and calm but as the day moves on it becomes a hive of activity as our visitors arrive to enjoy the beauty of this fascinating place. From tranquil moments to busy afternoons Packwood holds a charm that is quite unique and it is this change in atmosphere that I love the most."
- Ann Ryan, Operations Manager

If you have a specail memory or photograph that you would like to share please send us an email to or call into the property and we will try to include this in our 75 year celebration display, both at Packwood and on our social media.

Take a stroll through Packwood's gardens
A family walking through the woodland
Take a stroll through Packwood's gardens