Spring wildlife at Packwood

Children enjoying a wildlife walk

There is a variety of wildlife to spot here at Packwood from the large Canada geese on the lake to tiny insects hiding underneath piles of deadwood around the grounds. Come and explore and see what you can spot.

Packwood provides the ideal habitat for birds, insects and amphibians and is a great place to watch the wildlife go by. Don't forget to bring your camera and share your sightings on our social media channels. 

Birds to spot

Birds such as Cookoos and chiffchaffs arrive in March and April and their distinctive sounds can be heard all over Packwood. Both birds have onomatopoeic names relating to their calls and the chiffchaff is a very active little bird, constantly flicking their tails while looking for food. You may be lucky enough to see one catching insects in flight.

If you take a stroll around the lake you’re sure to spot the Canada geese and their young over the spring months. Make sure you give them plenty of space as they’re very protective of their goslings.

Swimming lessons on the lake
Duckling on the lake

You will also be able to spot a large number of mallards on the lake and are one of our most adaptable birds. You can often hear them before you see them, especially if the female is summoning her ducklings who have strayed a little too far.

A nuthatch on a tree at Packwood

Across in the woodland, nuthatches are a regular sight and can often be spotted climbing up the trees. They are beautifully coloured birds with a little black stripe across their eyes.

Our grey herons are often seen standing motionless down by the lake, searching for small fish and amphibians. They look almost prehistoric when they take off and once in the air they are often mistaken for birds of prey.

Can you spot the heron as he looks for fish in our lake?
Heron at Packwood House, Warwickshire

Amphibians galore

Spring is the time to find frog spawn and strings of toad spawn in the pools around Packwood. The ponds and lake are all good breeding places for our resident frogs, toads and newts. Look out for tiny froglets hopping over the lawn by the lake in the spring. Frogs and toads hibernate over the winter months under rocks or in compost heaps.

Spot young frogs in the ponds
young frog

Other sights to see

Spring is the perfect time of year to see queen bees buzzing around looking for a place to make a new colony.

A queen bee preparing for flight
A queen bee balanced on a finger

And if you are really lucky you may be able to see a pair of boxing Hares while walking in the estate. If you do see hares boxing it is not two males fighting over mates or territory as you may think, but it is the female trying to fight off the male.

Over in the kitchen garden you may also spot our resident cat Freddie who is likely to be  taking a snooze in a patch of sunlight.

Freddie at Packwood
Packwood's resident cat, Freddie