People in history

Discover some of the social history behind our places and uncover fascinating facts about the people who have lived in them

Beatrix Potter as an older woman in the Hill Top garden with one of her sheepdogs
Lady Jane Grey in her VAD nurses uniform at Stamford Military Hospital (Dunham Massey), Cheshire

Women’s stories from the First World War 

We look after many places with connections to the First World War. Discover stories from the women who played a vital role in the war.

Archive photo of people gathered on Great Gable Summit in 1923

A Great Gift in the Lake District 

2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. In the years that followed, three very special gifts were made to the National Trust to look after on behalf of the nation.

Saving our nation's heritage for ever, for everyone

Women for fought for suffrage

Figures from our places who fought for female suffrage 

Many of our places were home to impassioned people who campaigned for female suffrage. Discover the stories of those who championed female empowerment


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