People in history

Discover some of the social history behind our places and uncover fascinating facts about the people who have lived in them

Black and white photograph from c.1889 of Queen Palmer with her daughter Elsie, and Kelpie the dog.

Celebrated garden lovers

Edith Lady Londonderry in the gardens at Mount Stewart

Great women gardeners 

From wealthy socialites to horticultural pioneers, journey through the gardens of time and discover seven of history's most inspirational women gardeners.

Saving our nation's heritage for ever, for everyone

More stories from people in history

Clive Jenkins Exhibition at Sutton House

Sutton House and Breaker's Yard, London

Our upcoming exhibition kicking off 2019 tells the story of the near 30 years when Clive Jenkins and the ASTMS (Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs ) trade union were based at Sutton House.


The Workhouse story behind Firbeck Infirmary

The Workhouse, Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Discover the history of Firbeck Infirmary, its role and why we are bringing it back into the visitor experience at The Workhouse.


Delve into the history of Croft Castle

Croft Castle and Parkland, Herefordshire

Find out more about the Croft family and their involvement in some of Britain's most famous historical events. What's their connection to the 'Princes in the Tower' and who is buried in Westminster Abbey?


Learn more about how we look after for the special places in our care and get a glimpse of some of the conservation projects we're working on at the moment.