People in history

Discover some of the social history behind our places and uncover fascinating facts about the people who have lived in them

Painting of Nancy Astor by John Singer Sargent
Beatrix Potter at Keswick show

Remarkable women from our places 

Delve back into the past to discover the remarkable women who helped shape our places. Meet the political player who helped restore the monarchy, beloved children's authors and an acclaimed archaeologist.

Tom Marshman at Hanbury Hall

Celebrating our LGBTQ heritage: Exhibitions, installations and events at our places 

We’re opening up rooms, presenting new short films and creating fresh displays as we shine a light on the lives of those who helped shape our places. Discover exhibitions that explore same-sex relationships, the dynamics of LGBTQ protests and the secret stories hidden within some of our paintings.


Tudor stories revealed at The Vyne

As part of a £5.4million roof project at The Vyne in Hampshire you can discover the story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s Royal Progress in October 1535. Re-presented showrooms on the ground floor of the house explore the Tudor Royal visit hosted by Henry’s Lord Chamberlain, William Sandys.

Saving our nation's heritage for ever, for everyone

Lady Frances portrait at Mount Stewart

Our collections 

Discover the many portraits in our online collections, from oil paintings by Old Masters to drawings, watercolours and photographs.


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