Petts Wood and Hawkwood - Who lives here?

A natural pond hidden in the woodland

Discover the rich variety of flora and fauna that thrive in this beautiful, and protected site.

We manage the woodland and farm in a traditional way. The grassland continues to be managed by non-intensive grazing by sheep and cows, whilst hedgelaying has been re-introduced as field boundaries to allow wildlife to flourish. These hedges link areas, which mean animals and insects can scurry along in safety.

In the woodland, we thin crowded thickets to let more light in, remove non-native species, and ensure the 'rides' (areas either sidfe of the path) are managed to suit birds of prey, bats and butterflies, whilst providing an extellent habitat for wild flowers.



Areas of ancient woodland to the west of the estate boast a spectacular showing of wild flowers in the springtime. Bluebells, wood anemone and lesser celandine are easily found woodland flowers. We are fortunate to have early purple orchids on the estate and a wealth of other flowers can be spotted such as wood sorrel, climbing corydalis, Solomon’s seal and yellow archangel to name but a few.



An abundance of fungi can be found in the wood, with over 400 species recorded since 1976, and an average of 130 species recorded each year.



Walking through the estate, the distinctive call of the chiffchaff and the hammering of woodpeckers can be heard. Siskins and tits can be seen in the woodland canopy, kingfishers can occasionally be seen in Pond Wood or along the Kyd Brook and those with a keen eye can see a hobby searching for its insect prey.