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If our places could talk they'd have some stories to tell. Discover their rich histories and watch them spring to life before your eyes

Corfe Castle with the main gatehouse in the foreground
Ham House, Surrey, is thought to be one of our most haunted places

11 of our most haunted places 

Ghost stories abound at some of our oldest places. Discover tales about the ghost of a former Prime Minister's father, a headless queen and many more.

Significant places

George II chamber pot at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Toilets with a story to tell 

Apparently we spend three years of our lives sitting on the loo. Discover some of the toilets at our places that reveal an unusual perspective on history.

The house and upper pond at Petworth House and Park, West Sussex

How to create a Capability Brown landscape 

The landscapes designed by 'Capability' Brown are easy to mistake as works of nature. Discover how much effort actually went in to bringing these ground-breaking designs to life.

Commemorating the First World War

The sixteenth-century Gate Tower on the West Front at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Connections to the Gunpowder Plot 

Links to the 1605 Gunpowder Plot can be found at historic houses and former hunting forests we look after including Lyveden New Bield, home to infamous plotter Francis Tresham.

Design through the ages

Little boy dressing up in armour at Bodiam Castle

Top 10 castles 

We look after some of the most interesting and enchanting castles in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Here's our pick of the best must-see castles.

Lady Frances portrait at Mount Stewart

Our collections 

Explore history at our places and browse through the art and collections that we care for.


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