Places in history

If our places could talk they'd have some stories to tell. Discover their rich histories and watch them spring to life before your eyes

A view along the river Skell towards the ruins of Fountains Abbey
An archive black and white photograph of Mrs Greville standing with a dog in her arms

Places with a royal story to tell 

Many of the places we look after have connections to kings, queens and other members of royalty. With two royal weddings on the horizon, we've picked some of our favourites for you to explore.

Christabel Pankhurst in a suffragette procession, 1911

Women and Power exhibitions, art installations and events 

Whether for or against the movement, our history is peppered with accounts of the struggle for suffrage. As part of the Women and Power programme, many of our places are hosting exhibitions, art installations and events to bring these stories to life.

Significant places

A historic map of Arlington estate showing the original house

Follow the history of our places with Land Map 

This mapping tool allows you to see our places as they came into our care, find the ones closest to you and learn about their histories.

The cast of Downton Abbey pose in front of the houses at Lacock

For film and TV lovers 

Find out which of our historic mansions and magnificent landscapes can be seen on-screen. You can look out for them in popular TV dramas such as Game of Thrones, and in brand new films.


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