Friends of Poldhu

Volunteers beach cleaning on The Lizard

At Poldhu a dedicated group a volunteers regularly meet up to clean the beach. Volunteers are an essential part of the team, find out how you can get involved below.

Our volunteer and ranger teams work through the year regularly litter picking at our beaches on the Lizard and we are always looking for help from visitors and locals willing to pick up a bag and get stuck in with us. Friends of Poldhu meet on every first Friday of each month at Poldhu where bags and litter pickers are provided, beach cleans start at 7pm and have become quite a social occasion. 

Most of the litter that ends up on the beaches around the Lizard comes from the sea and is often the result of the shipping or fishing industry. Much of what we find on the beaches however is general domestic waste that has washed ashore with items such as plastic bags and bottles being amongst some of the most commonly found objects. It is estimated that these items can take between 450 – 600 years to decompose in the ocean, during that process these plastics will get broken down and can often be ingested by marine animals and birds which can sadly contribute to their death. 

For information about volunteering opportunities in the National Trust click on the link below. 

Clearing Poldhu beach of 1000s of pink detergent bottles

Volunteer on the Lizard 

Our volunteers work across The Lizard doing a variety of jobs from photography to step building, there's a role for everyone.