Autumn in the garden at Prior Park

Fungus by bridge

Autumn in the garden is a colourful time, with berries and fungus adding to the classic colours of the trees.

For now the trees are green and summer lingers a little longer, but soon the crisp autumn mornings will be a great time to walk down the leafy paths of Prior Park. Beech and maple trees give some of the best examples of colour, with the UK's champion norway maple looking particularly spectacular on the west side of the garden. 

There are plenty of berries around at this time of year which add to the array of colour. St John's wort and the berries of the spindle plant add a splash of colour, and if you're quick enough you might find a few blackberries to taste.

The berries of the Spindle plant

The earth is still warm from summer, but damper conditions make for perfect conditions for fungus and mushrooms. There are several different types in the garden, from bracket and beefsteak fungus to Chicken of the Woods.