Autumn wildlife

Volunteer working in the Walled Garden at Wimpole Estate

Autumn is a busy time for the residents of Prior Park. Some birds will ready themselves for winter migration, whilst others will arrive from colder countries.

On a cold autumn morning, look out for dew jewelled spiders webs, when you might realise there are more spiders than you first thought. 

You might spot piles of logs around the garden, these are great habitats for different creatures to spend the winter, naturally warmer than the colder autumn outdoors. 

In the run up to winter, you might see squirrels and jays burying nuts for emergency winter supplies. Squirrels are very secretive about where they keep their stores, so watch quietly and from a distance. 

There are lots of beech trees in Prior Park. As well as providing beautiful autumn colours, you might find prickly beech nuts hitching a ride on your dogs fur.