CB300 - 300 years of Capability Brown

Although mystery surrounds the exact involvement of Capability Brown at Prior Park, his influence is clear to see.

Picture the ‘quintessential English landscape’. What do you see?

A sweeping valley, rolling hills and serpentine lakes all may have formed themselves in your mind.

Circuit walks around the landscape park were designed to evoke a variety of emotions with dark enclosed tunnels of evergreens opening into bright sunny glades.

This image is very likely to look like one designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Such was the impact of this great eighteenth century landscape gardener.

He changed the face of the nation forever, by radically reshaping the parks and gardens of large English country estates.

It’s difficult to imagine that the natural scene you see at Prior Park today is man-made and would have taken an army of labourers to create it by hand.

Discover the world of Capability Brown in this cartoon, created for the National Trust.