Silent Space

Alice Palfrey, Head Gardener Alice Palfrey Head Gardener

Silent Space is a not-for-profit project taking place in a growing number of gardens that open to the public. For a few hours at a time, each garden reserves an area where visitors have the opportunity to switch off their devices and to enjoy the restorative benefits of being silent and without distraction in a green place.

Here in the garden we are creating a Silent Space in the Wilderness at the top of the garden.

The site of the elaborately carved Gothic Temple can be clearly seen on the ground, it was one of the last garden structures in the Wilderness to be built. In the 20th century the temple was sold and moved stone by stone to a private garden about a mile from Prior Park where it still stands. The original location in the garden was chose by Ralph Allen for its wonderful elevation and this space is now a perfect sanctuary overlooking a lush green valley with reflective lakes below.

We are encouraging visitors to support the idea of a Silent Space on Thursdays, 12 - 3pm. There will be signs out in the area at this time, and visitor reception staff can point you towards the space.