Summer at Prior Park

The bridge and families at Prior Park

There's so much to see, do and take in at Prior Park in the summer.

After a busy spring, life in the garden gets into a steady routine. The cygnets on the lakes are confident swimmers by now, and beginning to get mischeivious. This year our resident swans are bringing up two fluffy cygnets. They took their first swim a few days after hatching, and haven't looked back.

Swans and cygnets on the lake
Swans and cygnets on the lake

In the lakes, the fish will begin to make themselves known. Keep an eye out for pike and carp underneath the depths - and sometimes leaping out, especially among the emerging plants. 

The delicate flowers of spring give way to bold summer wildflowers. The fritillaries in the summerhouse glade are replaced by orchids in the Pasture, and cowslips and cuckoo flower bring colour to the slopes of the lake. 

Cows will be in the Pasture on a rotating basis, and will spend approximately 6 weeks in and 6 weeks further out on the Skyline. They can be easily avoided by keeping on the paths, but vistitors are still able to walk through the Pasture. 

Cows enjoying the pasture at Prior Park
Image of cows in the pasture at Prior Park
A quiet peaceful area of the Wilderness

Silent Space

Thursdays 12 - 3pm: A project to provide quiet peaceful spaces in gardens