Summer at Prior Park

A family group enjoys a picnic on the bank at Prior Park on a summer's day, a small dog is relaxing in the foreground

Prior Park in summer is bursting with life, with lots to explore, space to picnic, relax and slow down the pace of life.

Summer 2021 sees the continuation of the dams restoration project, coupled with summer flowers, and lots of insect life.

Look out for wildflowers in the Pasture - maybe an orchid or two hiding in the grass. The Cabinet also comes into its own in summer, with big cream hydrangea flowers, and a sea of colour all around.

Butterflies love the sunny flowery spots, but will also be found at the edge of the shadier woodland areas. Dragonflies patrol the Serpentine Lake looking for friend and foe.

Prior Park provides space to explore for families looking for an active day out, and space to sit and take a moment to enjoy the views, if you prefer things a little slower.

Summer holidays - Sat 24 July until Sun 5 September

For families there's plenty on offer this summer with six activity stations set out across the site as well as a nature-themed scavenger hunt and a chance to have a go at some of the National Trust's 'Get Set, Go!' challenge cards.

Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you

There's also a brass rubbing trail which includes eight brass plates dotted along the west path. Sheets and crayons can be picked up from Visitor Reception on arrival.

The Tea Shed will be open during the holidays from Wednesday to Sunday.

You can download and print the 'Get set, go' cards through the link below prior to your visit.