Summer wildlife

Silver washed fritillary feeding on brambles

Summer - and like most summers, we've had our share of very warm, and pretty cool weather, with varying amounts of rain. The rain of late, after a warm, dry spring, has transformed the garden into a verdant mix of wildflowers and grasses, which in turn has created fantastic conditions for lots of butterflies.

Summer buterflies

From up in the meadows above the Summerhouse, to the dappled woodland trails, and sweeping Pasture that descends from the top of the garden down to the lakes at the bottom, 19 species of butterfly have been recorded so far this year.

As well as the 'usual suspects' such as Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma and Holly Blue, recent sightings have included much scarcer species, such as Silver-washed Fritillary and White-letter Hairstreak, all making the most of the many areas of Ornamental Raspberry and Hemp-Agrimony, which are rich in nectar, and are enjoyed equally by bees and hoverflies alike.

With the School Summer Holidays in full swing, family visitors can enjoy some butterfly-spotting around the garden on a sunny day. What species will be spotted next?