Things to see in winter

Palladian bridge at Prior Park in frost and sunlight

Far from being a place void of life in winter, the garden takes on a new life, with new birds, seasonal plants and different perspectives.

Winter in the garden is a wonderful time. The bare trees open views which are not possible with summer foliage. The gardeners undertake tree felling work at this time of year - as we work to restore the garden to it's 1764 state, and the time of creator Ralph Allen's death.

The garden is surprisingly green throughout the winter, with glossy green laurels, and others evergreen trees and shrubs, there are even flowers to be found on the vibernums.

Our colourful winter resident, the kingfisher, can be found on the Serpentine lake at the top of the garden, and the song birds and squirrels are never far away.

 Cold frosty mornings are paired with steam rising over the lower lakes, and the opportunity to wrap up warm for a winter walk.

And as we head towards the festive season...

Prior Park's palladian bridge in snow

Christmas 2018 at Prior Park

If you need to escape the Christmas crowds, Prior Park could be just the place this festive season.