Top tips for spotting wildlife

Easter at Prior Park

There's a lot of wildlife to see in the garden, if you know how to look.

Be very quiet

Many animals will be scared away by loud voices and heavy footsteps, so be as quiet and as still as possible.

Know what you're looking for

Familiarising yourself with the different species that live in the Park can make it much easier to spot them. Look for the signs placed around the edge of the lake and check out our seasonal wildlife page below.

Bring binoculars

It's hard to get close up to many animals, so a pair of binoculars is great for seeing them in more detail.

Be aware of the seasons

The Park is home to a lot of different animals throughout the year. In spring you can expect to see quite a lot of activity, especially from the birdlife who will busy raising their young.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what's around, and visit the tea shed to see the birds on the feeders.

Be patient

Be prepared to wait for a while, and remember that some of the species here are more timid than others.