Volunteer case study, David Robertson, Prior Park

David Robertson

David Robertson has been volunteering with us since 2009. Here David tells us how his role has evolved from garden guide to co-ordinating the recruiting and training of new garden guides.

Having retired from full time employment, I decided a couple of years ago that I would like to spend some of my time volunteering.
I live only about ½ mile away as the crow flies from Prior Park Landscape Garden, and as I enjoy natural history and the open air, becoming a volunteer garden guide there seemed a logical activity.
The role involves supporting the National Trust staff, helping to greet visitors entering the garden and giving them an introduction to the features, history and personalities behind the development of the garden over time.
The garden is a fantastic place to spend a few hours – visitors describe it as 'a peaceful oasis so close to the centre of Bath'.
Over time, my role has developed further. I meet, recruit, train and coordinate new potential garden guides who express an interest in becoming volunteers.
Our friendly team of Garden Guides spans all walks of life and all age groups. Together with the Trust’s visitor reception assistants, we provide friendly and welcoming faces and information to visitors to the garden who come from the UK and countries all around the world.
It is a very valuable and enjoyable way of spending a few hours, making a contribution to part of the country’s historical and natural heritage.
To find out more about volunteering at Prior Park, please send us an email.