What the gardeners are doing this season

Alice and Matthew, Gardeners Alice and Matthew Gardeners
Volunteers by the bridge

We have two full time gardeners at Prior Park, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Each month brings different jobs to be done.

News from the garden team

The work to convert the grotto for a new display is really steaming ahead. We have inserted a new door which will become the exit. The ground has been levelled for a walkway and large boulders have been moved outside to create a lovely rockery walk. We are working with a local theatrical equipment company ‘Enlightened lighting’ who will be installing a screen and projector to show our digital garden recreation. We have been advised by our archaeologist to cover the mosaic floor to protect it from further degradation, which gives us the opportunity to make more of the other features and install some subtle uplighting on the existing rock work.

You may notice that the large Beech tree on the east path has been reduced. Last year it lost a substantial limb and is showing considerable signs of decay, therefore it was decided that it should be reduced to its lower fork where it can live out the rest of its days in a safer and more manageable way.

In other news, we have been reseeding areas of compacted ground to get the grass looking tiptop for the summer season. The benches are being sanded and treated and we are in full mowing and strimming mode.

Cuckoo flower at Prior Park

Plant of the month - Cuckoo flower, cardamine pratensis

A native wildflower, it generally comes into bloom around the time the cuckoo starts to call.