What we're doing this season

Alice and Matthew, Gardeners Alice and Matthew Gardeners
Looking into a leak

Late summer is drawing into autumn, and there's still lots to be done.

Summer is always a busy time in the garden with mowing and bank strimming consuming a lot of our time ensuring we are looking tip top. We had the privilege of welcoming our director general Dame Helen Gosh to Prior Park on 1 July so the pressure was on to ensure presentation standards were high.

A step building project has begun in the summerhouse glade. We have been seeing increasing footfall through the grassy glade and a desire line footpath has been created. This footpath means visitors can walk through a lovely woodland glade, full of wildflowers in spring and with a babbling brook to listen to.

We've also been doing lots of investigations into the low water levels on the Serpentine Lake. You can find out more about it below.