Spring wildlife in the garden

After a less than spring-like start to the spring, things are now back on track, with lots of spring sights around the garden.

A number of migrant birds have been visiting the garden, bringing the thrill of bird song all around. These newly arrived birds from the continent (or maybe overwintering birds?) have included chiffchaff and blackcap, and our resident birds have begun to nest in earnest, with of course, our pair of mute swans leading the way. The pen (female swan) is sitting on around 8 eggs – we’ll keep you posted when we welcome the new arrivals.

Other birds nesting around the garden, includes great-spotted woodpecker, nuthatch and treecreeper, goldcrests and stock doves, while a pair of long-tailed tits has kept us entertained with the building of a finely intricate nest at the lower end of the garden. This delightful nest is built entirely of moss, lichen, feathers and spiders webs, and though not particularly well hidden, it certainly seems to be water-tight. It’s been noted that there are at least 4 other pairs building nests around the garden at the same time, so that’s definitely one species that doesn’t seem to be affected by the inclement weather.

The summerhouse glade has been vibrant with colour, with daffodils and snake’s head fritillaries in flower, along with primrose and dog-violet on the banks by the paths.

We are also starting to see a range of butterflies in the garden on the sunny days, including the brimstone, comma, green-veined white, peacock and red-admiral all on the wing.