Summer wildlife in the garden

After a variable, and often snowy spring, things are now feeling much more summery. The garden has reached a patchwork of summer shades of green, the birds continue to sing, and the invertebrates are bussing around.

The spring saw many different types of birds nesting and raising young in the garden, from the swans on the lake, to woodpeckers and smaller song birds.

In the amphibian world, a real highlight at the moment are the tadpoles in the Serpentine Lake. We see frogspawn every year, but due to the severity of the early spring temperatures, feared that none would survive this year. However if you walk along the Serpentine Lake at the top of the garden, and peer down along the wall edge, hundreds of well-grown tadpoles are feeding from the algae, you can even pick out their little eyes.

On the main lake sunshine brings emerging damselflies, with azure, common blue, blue-tailed and variable, along with large-red, all patrolling around on warm days, and you might also be lucky enough to spot emperor and four-spotted dragonflies.

Our wildlife walks are a great opportunity to spot garden wildlife before opening hours. The next walk, on Wednesday 18 July, will focus on moths and butterflies (tickets available through the website).