Low water levels on the Serpentine Lake

Looking at the lake
Published : 18 Aug 2016

If you've been to the garden recently, you might have noticed that water levels on the Serpentine Lake have been very low.

The lake is designed to be full, to give the sham bridge the illusion of being a real bridge, and when high enough, to reach over the top of a small dam to flow down to the cascade in the cabinet. 

For some time now, the water levels have been mysteriously very low, leaving the lake particularly low after a dry spell. The lake is fed from a spring further up the garden, so we knew that this wasn't the problem. 

After some investigation with a green dye, specially designed for purpose, we discovered a leak near the point where the water enters the cascade. 

Matthew investigates the source of a leak
Gardener investigates a leak

We will now look into how best to repair this leak to ensure the cascade flows once again, and that the water levels remain high. 

The sham bridge on the Serpentine lake