Stonehenge A303 Road Improvement Scheme

Looking towards Stonehenge from King Barrows Ridge

The Stonehenge Landscape is one of the most important prehistoric landscapes in Europe.

We own, manage and provide access to over 800 hectares (2,100 acres) of the World Heritage Site (WHS) and we take our responsibility to care for it very seriously.

The A303 cuts through the very heart of the WHS, harming the setting of many of the 350 burial mounds and monuments scattered across this landscape and preventing access to the southern two-thirds of the site. 

The benefits of a tunnel

We welcome the Government’s plans to invest in a fully bored tunnel of at least 2.9km (1.8miles) to remove a large part of the existing A303 from the Stonehenge Landscape.

We believe and have always said that, if well-designed and delivered with the utmost care for the surrounding archaeology and chalk grassland landscape, it can provide an overall benefit to the WHS.

The design put forward in the latest consultation, includes a 3.2km (2 mile) tunnel incorporating a 200m grass-covered canopy at the western end and vertical-sided cuttings, which would hide the road and help to protect important elements of the WHS. 

With the right design, this scheme has the potential to reunite the landscape and provide improvements to the whole World Heritage Site, improving tranquillity, allowing better access for people to explore and understand the many monuments in the landscape and leaving a lasting legacy. It could also benefit the wildlife in this special landscape and improve access to areas currently difficult to reach due to the existing road.  

Working with our partners

We are working closely with Historic England and English Heritage Trust to help inform and challenge Highways England to deliver a final design that protects and enhances the World Heritage Site.

We will continue to work with Government and other key parties, including UNESCO and ICOMOS to find a solution that both protects and enhances the World Heritage Site and finally addresses the major adverse impacts the existing A303 has on this extraordinary place.

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14 Aug 18

Our response to the supplementary consultation

We welcome the significant changes made in the supplementary consultation put forward by Highways England: removing the previously proposed link between two byways; widening the green bridge near Longbarrow; and changes to the Rollestone crossroads.

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Stonehenge landscape

23 Apr 18

Our full response to the statutory consultation

We welcome the work done by Highways England on the design of the proposed A303 road at Stonehenge. If you would like to read our full response to the consultation, you can download it from here:

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The sunset casting long shadows across the longbarrows near teh Cursus

08 Feb 18

Our initial response to the statutory consultation.

We welcome the work done by Highways England on the design of the proposed A303 road at Stonehenge. The options they have put forward go a long way towards protecting and enhancing the World Heritage Site (WHS) although there is more work to be done.

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Barrows in the early morning mist with person