What's on at Quebec House

Get hands on at Quebec House and immerse yourself in the Georgian history with some of our monthly re-enactment events. We also have a handling collection so you can really feel what it was like to live at Quebec House and how it felt to serve in the campaign.

Immerse yourself in history

At Quebec House you have the chance to get really hands on. Whilst visiting the house step in to the Bicentenary room and have a feel of some of the weapons that would have been used in the Quebec campaign.

Also in the handling collection replica uniforms that soldiers like General Wolfe would have worn as well as some equipment.

Upstairs you can relax next to the fire in the drawing room or have a go at some of the parlour games and toys. There's also a writing desk so you can see how you would have faired with a quill and ink as well as an eighteenth century broadwood square piano for those who know how to play.

With map and musket

Join our eighteenth century surveyor in the Bicentenary room once a month as he explains how map makers played a key role in the Quebec campaign.

He'll also show you some of the weaponry on display and how it was used.

Broadwood square piano recitals

Drop in to the drawing room once a month for an informal recital bringing to life music from the period on our 1788 broadwood square piano.

There's always the opportunity to have a go yourself for those who can play.