Community talks

Audience members listening to a talk

Visiting Rainham Hall isn't the only way to learn about this unique place. If your association, club or society is based in the London borough of Havering, we can deliver Rainham Hall’s story directly to you through our community talks.

Delivering talks in the community helps us share Rainham’s unique story but also allows us to raise a small but appreciated income so we can continue to look after this special place. We ask for a minimum donation of £50 per talk plus travel expenses. Our speakers can deliver talks on weekdays between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm. It would be beneficial if you had a projector, projector screen and microphone.

We offer talks on a the following subjects:

  • Brief history of Rainham Hall, volunteering and engagement (delivered by Volunteering and Community Involvement Officer) – 40 minutes plus time for Q&A.

  • The Gardens at Rainham Hall - an overview of the history of the gardens and our horticultural and community engagement projects (delivered by Community Gardener) – 40 minutes plus time for Q&A

If you’re interested in learning more about our talks – or if you’d like to book a talk, please get in touch by emailing (FAO: Volunteering and Community Involvement Officer) or call Rainham Hall on 01708 525579.