A summer garden at Red House

The well courtyard, Red House, Bexleyheath

The warm red brick building of Red House is enclosed by its gardens. The house itself is clothed in climbing roses, espalier pear and Virginia Creeper, plants that Morris and architect Philip Webb themselves may have planned.

Visit the orchard for a picnic amongst the apple trees or play a game of croquet or skittles on the lawn as Morris and his family would have done.

Next to the orchard the rose arch offers a sheltered walkway amongst pink and red blooms with a heavenly scent.

Daylilies and phlomis bring colour to the borders around the bowling green and acanthus and Japanese anemone frame the house to the south.

The garden is full of activity with the gardener and a team of 22 volunteers keeping the weeds down and continually deadheading to ensure flowers throughout the season. 

Red House
The rose arch, Red House, Bexleyheath
Red House

There are also two hives of bees which are busy collecting pollen from the abundance of wildflowers around the garden.

The vegetable patch is hard at work planted up to offer produce later on in the year.

Red Houses’ garden in summer is an abundance of colour and the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon.