Apple month at Red House

The orchard at Red House, Kent

Autumn is nearly here and Red House is the perfect place for some seasonal fun. Running throughout October we have a variety of activities for all.

Garden Guided Tours

Immerse yourself in William Morris’ world and take a guided tour of the Pre-Raphaelite gardens. Designed by Philip Webb alongside the house, Red House’s small gardens are packed with interest. Both Morris and Webb had great enthusiasm for the garden, going so far as marking the particular plants they wanted on the architectural drawings of the house.

Morris had strong opinions on what should and shouldn’t be planted in his garden, commenting

" Flowers in masses are mighty strong colour, and if not used with a great deal of caution are very destructive to pleasure in gardening. On the whole, I think the best and safest plan is to mix up your flowers, and rather eschew great masses of colour – in combination I mean."
- William Morris

Take a tour with one of our volunteer guides to learn about the development of the garden through history and how we are bringing it back to life.

Apples apples apples!

When Morris bought this plot of land, Webb noted that there were over 80 apple trees onsite and one of those still stands today. The stories of Red House are packed with anecdotes of apple fights, and Georgie Burne-Jones commented there were so many apple trees, that the fruit fell through the windows. During your visit have a taster of different apples and try the apples Morris and his family would have eaten.

Let’s get creative

William Morris took inspiration from his garden to create some of his most memorable wallpaper designs. Use the Red House garden to create your own wallpaper design, or make an addition to our giant trellis pattern.

Time for some refreshment

After all that activity in the garden why not retreat to the café for a warm cider  or apple juice and a slice of cake to relax and then pop into the house to uncover the stories of William Morris and Red House.