Garden tours at Red House

Bothy shed at Red House

Join one of our knowledgeable volunteers on a tour of the Red House garden. Weds-Sun 12.30 & 14.30.

A garden like no other

When the building of Red House commenced in 1859, the design of the garden surrounding it was of just as much importance to William Morris and his friend and architect Phillip Webb.
Complementing the unusual architecture of the house, together they designed a garden divided by the famous trellis that would inspire one of the first Morris & Co designs. Morris and his family and friends would spend their time creating and playing amongst the beauty grown there.

The garden at Red House, Bexleyheath
The garden at Red House, Bexleyheath
The garden at Red House, Bexleyheath

Time marches on

As the Morris family and other owners came and left Red House, the garden would change and Morris’ original design was lost amongst the new gardening fashions.

The garden would grow and the orchards disappear as the bustling city suburbs encroached on rural paradise, but the spirit of Morris’ intentions lives on.

Foxgloves in the garden
Foxgloves in the garden


Join one of our garden tours to find out exactly how Morris designed the garden and what he grew here. Discover how the garden reached inside the house and would inspire one of the most famous arts and crafts companies in the world.

Follow the story of the Red House garden as we bring it back to life and work to restore the vision and beauty it was born from.

Subject to volunteer availability and weather permitting. See “Upcoming Events” for details.