Hogs Hole Apple Weekend at Red House

The orchard at Red House, Kent

Discover a weekend of all things apple at Red House. Explore the orchard, try unique heritage apple varieties and sip on hot mulled cider to celebrate Red House’s orchard past and present.

In 1859 William Morris bought a plot of land to build his forever home, Red House. The area was known as Hogs Hole and the land purchased was an ancient orchard with over 80 trees.  Disturbing as few of them as possible, Morris went about creating his iconic red brick building which went on to inspire the Arts & Crafts movement.

Much has changed from the rural idyll that Morris would have known. The rolling Kentish orchards have been replaced with London suburbia and the name Hogs Hole was quickly changed to reflect the changing use of the land and the dwellings that had been built on it.

Although much of the original orchard has been lost over time, the National Trust is keen to preserve and grow the orchard once again. Morris’ old apple tree, the only tree thought to survive from Morris’ time, has recently been propagated and seedlings planted to maintain a sense of continuity in the orchard.

Hogs Hole Apple Weekend will celebrate Red House’s orchard and the history of the site. With heritage apples to try and buy, an apple press and hot mulled cider it is a must for any apple lover.

Stalls with local produce for sale, children’s games and activities will run alongside an apple hunt in the house and garden tours to find out more about Morris’ plans for his garden.

Hogs Hole Apple Weekend will take place on the 30 Sept & 1 Oct from 11.00am – 4.30pm