Muse to Maker at Red House

Muse to Maker exhibition at Red House

Muse to Maker - part of the Women and Power Programme

From the Morris women: Jane, Jenny and May, to Georgiana Burne-Jones, Elizabeth Siddal and Lucy Faulkner, the women in the Pre-Raphaelite circle have made a huge contribution to art, literature and history. This year we will be celebrating their legacies and exploring their work through an exhibition and a series of short talks.

Muse to Maker exhibition

Opening on the 18th July the Muse to Maker exhibition recognises the contribution of the female members of the Pre-Raphaelite circle. With loans from the William Morris Gallery we explore Jane's transformation from Pre-Raphaelite muse, to becoming a celebrated craftswoman and artist in her own right. Work from fellow artists Elizabeth Siddal and Lucy Faulker will be on display as well a pieces by Jane and William's daughters May and Jenny.

" I'm a remarkable woman - always was, though none of you seemed to think so"
- May Morris

A poem of a house

Experience the story of Red House through poem and projection in the Dining Room and discover the female voice of the Pre-Raphaelite circle.

Telling the story of Red House’ inception this artistic piece follows the highs and lows of life at Red House through the many intriguing characters tied up in the Morris’ idyllic rural dream.

The short films run at 15 minute intervals with

Chapter 1: Lets be pilgrims

Chapter 2: Towers of Topsy

Chapter 3: Taming nature

Chapter 4: Just a dream?

Take a wander around the house and return for the whole story or dip in to get a taster of the 5 year story that played out at Red House.

Muse to Maker short talks

A series of short ten minute talks running daily at 2pm and 3pm run alongside the exhibition bringing these women to the forefront of Red House's story.

Check the Red House website throughout the year to meet & hear the stories of all the Pre-Raphaelite women.