Red House and the Children's University

Children looking at a museum case

This year we are beginning a new partnership with the Bexley Children’s University to provide educational and fun activities to children in our local area.

What is the Children’s University?

The Children’s University is a charity that partners with organisations across the UK to provide fun and creative activities to children aged 5-14 years old. These activities also provide unique learning prospects outside of schools, offer opportunities to visit different places, and encourage the development of new skills.

The Children's University is also divided into smaller geographical areas to allow it to work more closely with schools, families and organisations through their local councils. Red House is partnering with the Children’s University through the London Borough of Bexley local council.

" This adventure introduces children to the joy of learning, brings a sense of wonder in the world around them and develops their confidence and aspirations for the brightest futures."
- Children's University

How does it work?

Once you’re signed up your child will receive their own learning passport and guidance on where the activities are. Each time they complete an activity, they will score points. Once they have enough, there’s a graduation ceremony. This is designed to help prepare children for further education, foster an appreciation for learning and broaden their horizons.
Over 1,000 schools and 100,000 children are already signed up.

Medieval inspired tiles at Red House
Tiles in the Pilgrim's Rest at Red House
Medieval inspired tiles at Red House

The House that Morris Built

Our activity booklet, The House that Morris Built, focuses on the medieval aspects of the architecture of the Victorian Red House building, as designed by William Morris and Philip Webb. Children are encouraged to recognise these aspects and answer diverse questions. There are opportunities to identify, count, draw, and problem solve.

At the end of the activity you will receive an answer sheet and a survey to fill out to help us improve this activity in the future. A sticker on the back of the booklet is your prize for completing the activity.

This activity is available upon request, free of charge, to anyone who wants to get involved. For Children’s University families the sticker is your points reward for your passport, bringing you one step closer to graduation.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Children's University website at: