School groups at Red House

Visitors at Red House, Kent

Come and step inside Bexleyheath’s local history and learn about William and Janey's time at Red House.

We offer two school sessions created to work alongside the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 groups.

Patterns & Nature (KS1 or KS2)

Students can discover the designs and patterns William Morris used to decorate Red House and like Morris, take inspiration from the gardens at Red House to create their own repeating pattern using symmetry and reflection.

Who was Morris? (KS2)

Students can use their historical enquiry skills to build up a picture of William Morris from what he left behind at Red House and understand a significant historical site in the local area.

These sessions can be booked on Mondays or Tuesdays throughout the year for up to 30 students. Red House is a small property and so group numbers have to be restricted. We can accommodate 2 groups of 15 students but larger groups are welcome if their entrance is staggered throughout the day.

For more information about school visits and to book your trip please email us at