The wombat girl gang at Red House

The wombat girl gang at Red House

This summer, six adventurous wombats have come to the Red House.

Named after Jane, May and Jenny Morris and their friends Elizabeth Siddal, and Georgiana and Margaret Burne-Jones, these playful little creatures are hiding around the house waiting to be discovered.  When you find the wombats, they will tell you about the women they are named after and the beautiful Morris and Co. design they are wearing.

Why wombats?

Dante Gabriel Rossetti owned two wombats, one he named ‘Topsy’ after his friend William Morris. Wombats pop up in many pieces of art by the Pre-Raphaelites; from the murals at the Oxford Union to little sketches by Edward Burne-Jones. It is even said that these small furry creatures made their way into one of the wall paintings at Red House! See if you can spot her on your visit as well.

" The wombat is a joy, a triumph, a delight, a madness!"
- Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The wombat girl gang

Each wombat was hand made by art historian Kirsty Stonell Walker.  Kirsty has spent the last twenty years researching the lives of the women in Pre-Raphaelite art.  In 2006 she published a biography of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s model and mistress Fanny Cornforth and her forthcoming book, Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang (2018, Unicorn Publishing) explores the lives of 50 artists and models who have influenced Pre-Raphaelite art from its inception in 1848 to after the Second World War.

‘Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang’ book signing

Kirsty will be at Red House on Saturday 22 September for a talk and book signing of ‘Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang’ and the Wombat Girl Gang will be hidden around the house during school holidays and half term.