Red House, a history at Red House

Find out more about Red House, William Morris, his family and the circle of Victorian artists that created the Arts and Crafts movement.

Face of Aphrodite embroidery

The history of Red House 

Explore the history of Red House and the story behind its uniquely decorated interior.

Apple Blossom in the Red House garden during the time of Charles Holme

History of the garden at Red House 

The Red House garden design was as important to William Morris as the house, working together in harmony. Through the years, some of the design has been lost but the garden has still blossomed. This is the history of the Red House garden.

Painting depicting Romeo leaning over Juliet, who is lying on a table.

Pre-Raphaelite history at Red House 

What was the Pre-Raphaelite Movement, and who were the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?

The carved back of a Rossetti style Arts and Crafts chair at Red House

The Arts and Crafts Movement at Red House 

The Arts and Crafts movement was pioneered by Red House's builder and owner William Morris, and would retrospectively define the style of the building. Find out all about the movement and what this meant for Red House.

Philip Webb's Paint Box at Red House, Bexleyheath

Philip Webb at Red House 

Red House was Philip Webb's first independent commission, but was the start of would become an illustrious and pioneering career in Arts and Crafts architecture.

The Theodore Watts-Dunton Folding Press Bed: Jane Morris by Henry Treffry Dunn (Truro 1838 - 1899)

Jane Morris 

Discover the remarkable story of Jane Morris and her artistic contribution to the Pre-Raphaelite circle.

Photograph of the Morris and Burne-Jones families by Frederick Hollyer (1837-1933)

Jenny Morris 

Discover the lesser know story of Jenny Morris, eldest daughter of William and Janey Morris.

Embroidery thought to be by May Morris

May Morris 

Discover the incredibly talented May Morris and all that she gave to the arts & crafts movement.

Louisa Macdonald, Mrs Alfred Baldwin (1845-1925), Georgiana MacDonald, Lady Burne-Jones (1840-1920), Alice Macdonald, Mrs John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1910) and Agnes Macdonald, Lady Poynter (1843-1906)

Georgiana Burne-Jones 

Find out more about Georgiana Burne-Jones and the importance of her writing to our knowledge of Red House today.

One of the Cinderella tiles by Lucy Faulkner

Lucy Faulkner 

Discover the fairy-tale artwork of Lucy Faulkner and why her name has been forgotten by history.