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Gardener in Charge, Rob Smith, sits in the Garden Snug project at Red House

In 2019 the Red House team embarked on a project to re-imagine one of William Morris’s garden enclosures. Using maps from the 1860s we are following the footprint of one of the original ‘rooms’ to the north of the house. 

Just like William Morris, we are taking inspiration from medieval gardens. The space will feature artistic hand-crafted seating, re-introduce the traditional art of wattle weaving to the garden, and we'll be planting some of William Morris’s favourite flowers.

The resulting 'Garden Snug' will be a peaceful place filled with sensory experiences for visitors to appreciate the simple beauty of the Red House garden. 

Follow the progress of the project here…

Latest updates

12 Apr 21

Weave that wattle

It's not a garden enclosure without something to enclose it- and this week we completed just that. The whole Snug area has been lined with hand woven wattle (coppiced hazel), exactly as we believe William Morris had lined his garden enclosures at Red House. The wattle was woven by John Waller, Underwoodsman, of The Green Wood Workshop and his team across 3 days. When the roses planted in the borders begin to grow, they'll climb and weave between the wattle recreating the natural growth patterns that inspired many of Morris' designs. If you'd like to know more about The Green Wood Workshop, visit the website here:

The finished wattle-weave fencing in the Garden Snug at Red House

03 Mar 21

The grass is greener

It wouldn't be much of a garden without some grass. This week Rob and his team have been laying rolls of fresh turf on the ground and it's not quite as simple as it looks. The soil below has to be raked in straight lines to allow the turf to sit flat and each roll of turf has to be cut to size. Once the soil is raked flat it can't be stepped on, so the team have been using wooden boarding as stepping stones across the area. The luscious green of the grass is already uplifting the atmosphere in the snug.

Laying turf in the Garden Snug at Red House

12 Feb 21

Let it snow

It was a cold day for the garden team as the incredible art seats, hand crafted for us by artist Angus Ross, were fixed into the ground today. Still covered in snowfall, they kept going. The ground was dug out to give the chairs the 500mm foundational fixings they need to make them stable, the chairs were lifted in and then the ground repacked around them. You'll have to visit to take a seat! If you'd like to know more about Angus Ross, check out his website at

Installing the art seats into the Garden Snug in the snow at Red House