Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

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Please park in designated spaces and not over yellow lines on the road.

A spectacular escarpment with sweeping views across the Weald

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Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

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Events in the Surrey Hills

If you would like to host an event on National Trust land, or your sporting event includes routes on National Trust land, please email us at: Please contact us at least eight weeks before the event date. We know how important events are to organisers and participants. Please help us ensure events are safe and legal for both participants and our visitors.

Free downloadable walks around Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

Reigate Hill and Gatton Park


Reigate Hill and Gatton Park

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Enjoy the view of the North Downs from Gatton Park

Ash dieback at Reigate Hill and Gatton Park 

Ash dieback is a growing concern across the country including at many National Trust properties and we will sadly see the decline and death of many – maybe the majority - of ash trees over the next few years.