Art in the outdoors

Terrace treasure sculpture

Rievaulx Terrace has held a number of art exhibitions in years past, and this year we’re proud to host two creative exhibitions, each worked from wood and inspired by woodland nature.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this exhibition is cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Saturday 30 June – Sunday 2 September  
'Ritual' by Neith Art and Sculpture

Rievaulx Terrace is not only an idyllic and peaceful landscape terrace, but the woodland provides an invaluable habitat for an abundance of wildlife. Inspired by the residents that have made this special place their home; this ‘close to nature’ sculpture exhibition will lead you to explore the very beating heart of Rievaulx woodland.

Yorkshire born artists Kim and Rob Neith, are a collaboration of self-taught artists each deeply in tune with nature, which in turn inspires much of their work.  Most of their work is crafted using chainsaws, allowing work to progress quickly and with a real creative flow, however many of the finer details to bring the piece to life, are finished by hand.

“We are really looking forward to our exhibition, “Ritual”, at Rievaulx Terrace. Being born in Yorkshire, the County is close to our heart and we have close ties to a few National Trust properties there. The glorious setting of Rievaulx is perfect for our wooden sculpture which is of, and from, nature and so will complement the landscape.

Working with a variety of new and ancient wood, brings its own grace and beauty to each piece, with the aim to enhance the wood’s natural qualities. All of the wood is UK grown and sustainably sourced, with a deep desire to use material that would otherwise been discarded as waste product or firewood. This knowledge equally provides much inspiration to the artist as the piece develops.

“The process of discovery that comes with being self-taught is a rich experience that allows an unbridled approach and taps into humanities inbuilt desire to learn through trial, error and play. 'Ritual' will be an exhibition of our smaller works exploring the theme of Rituals in nature. From boxing hares to the mating behaviour of birds, each piece will depict these performances in a figurative manner."

Spectacular wild birds wood carving by Neath Art and Sculpture
Chainsaw sculpture by Neith art
Spectacular wild birds wood carving by Neath Art and Sculpture