A new start at Runnymede

Ed Tebbs, Runnymede Explored project volunteer Ed Tebbs Runnymede Explored project volunteer
Runnymede, Surrey

With the bitter winds of winter making way for the gentle lull of spring, there are few times of the year where Runnymede feels more like a breath of fresh air. Plus, it’s always a wonderful feeling to have a go at something new. We’d like to give you a reminder of some of the refreshing, everyday activities you can do in your local protected green space. Spring can be considered a time of rebirth and renovation too, and we have some exciting developments ahead of us.

Physical exercise is simply necessary for us. From keeping our organs and muscles in healthy shape to helping us sleep better and giving us a more positive outlook, regular exercise should be a part of everybody’s weekly plan. Where better to plan an exercise routine than the green hills of Runnymede? There are multiple cycle and jogging routes set on public footpaths available online to give a go. Please be wary of how slippery muddy areas can be at this time of year when you’re venturing off the beaten track.

Of course, being super active isn’t everybody’s speed. Runnymede is also the perfect location for a dog walk or family outing. What better way to unwind than exploring fascinating art and architecture in the heart of Surrey? Hew Locke’s ‘The Jurors’ and Mark Wallinger’s ‘Writ in Water’ complement the historic landscape, providing a sombre tone among the JFK and Allied Air Forces memorials. The sculpture trail has been active since January 1st and will be running until the 31st of March. You can pick up a handy pamphlet in the Magna-Carta tea room that will give you more information on these fascinating works. As always, should the weather be taking its toll on your visit, the cozy, dog-friendly Magna-Carta tea room is always an inviting centre of hospitality.

As our motto ‘for everyone, for ever’ implies, the Trust’s aim is to keep our special places well maintained and accessible. As part of the Runnymede Explored project, we want to make sure our site is safe and accommodating for people of all lifestyles. We’re widening our pathways to ensure wheelchair users can pass each other without hindrance. We’re implementing more benches and seating areas to give your visit extra convenience. We also aim to make Runnymede and Ankerwycke a dementia-friendly environment.

To mark the coming of the spring and the start of the new season, we’re hosting a children’s adventure trail in the woodlands. Just the right time to catch some fascinating wildlife stir after a long winter’s rest. We have plenty of spaces still available to book, every day from March 1st - 19th April. Come along and uncover the hidden creatures that call Runnymede home.