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Ankerwycke in Sound: audio tour

Map of Ankerwycke detailing waling route and listening points
Follow this map and listen to the audio guide at the marked points | © Simon Roulstone

Discover the secrets hidden amongst the woods and fields at Ankerwycke with National Trust Curator Rowena Willard-Wright. Scroll down the page to find the trail number that corresponds to your location on the signage.

Trail point 1: Welcome to Ankerwycke

An introduction to Ankerwycke from Curator Rowena Willard-Wright


Trail point 2a: Welcome to Ankerwycke

Rowena talks to archaeologist Harry Famer about the Georgian Mansion that used to dominate the landscape here.


Trail point 2b: The Blagrove Family

Rowena and archaeologist Harry Farmer discuss the Blagrove family, who built the Georgian Mansion


Trail point 3: Yew

Rowena discusses the ancient Ankerwycke Yew with archaeologist, James Brown.


Trail point 4: The Priory

Archaeologist Harry Farmer tells us what the medieval priory would have been like in the twelfth century.


The idea for this audio tour came from the Runnymede Voices, an intergeneration group of 12 people from the local area who have helped us decide which stories to tell. Runnymede in Sound and Ankerwycke in Sound was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It was created by the Runnymede National Trust team in collaboration with Naked Productions.

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