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Listening to Runnymede's audio tour

Welcome to Runnymede in Sound – an audio tour that tells the story of this extraordinary site. Click on the play buttons for each point below and listen as you look or as you walk. This audio tour is designed to be accessed via a QR code and played on a mobile phone. We recommend using headphones for the best experience, but headphones are not necessary. Each QR code will take you to the play button for your location.

This is an audio pilot for summer 2021 only. The idea for this audio tour came from the Runnymede Voices, an intergeneration group of 12 people from the local area who have helped us decide which stories to tell as part of the piloting process.

Runnymede in Sound was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It was created by the Runnymede National Trust team in collaboration with Falling Tree Productions, with additional research support from Molly Joyce whose trainee post was funded by Culture&. 

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View of the Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede, Surrey

1. Introduction

An introduction to the story of Runnymede. Why is this ‘pocket handkerchief of green’ one of the most important places in the country?

1b.  The events of 1215 – what happened here at Runnymede.

The Jurors Runnymede chair 10

2. The Jurors

Artist Hew Locke talks about the inspiration behind his artwork, while voices from history bring his images to life.

2b. Lilian Lenton and the ‘cat and mouse’ act.

2c. Oscar Wilde and the Ballad of Reading Jail


Gate to the JFK memorial at Runnymede

3. John F Kennedy Memorial Gate

Why is the John F Kennedy Memorial here, and can a simple gate mark the boundary between English and American soil?

The memorial to President John F Kennedy at Runnymede in Surrey

4. John F Kennedy Memorial

Hear John F Kennedy giving his world-famous and haunting speech about freedom.


4b. John Lewis remembering President Kennedy


The Magna Carta memorial, Runnymede, Surrey

5. Magna Carta Memorial

Why was the Magna Carta memorial built and why are Americans so passionate about keeping the spirit of Magna Carta alive?

The Indian Memorial at Runnymede

6. Indian Memorial

What does the Magna Carta mean for India and why was this plaque laid by P. V. Narismha Rao, Prime Minister of the Republic of India?

6b. Tea and Freedom

Visitors at Writ in Water, Runnymede

7. Writ in Water

Mark Wallinger talks about the design and meaning of Writ in Water.

Please note, there's currently no water in Writ in Water due to an electrics issue. which we're working to get it fixed as soon as possible. You can enjoy the full Writ in Water experience in the meantime via a virtual tour filmed by CultureStreet.

Detail of the inscription on Writ in Water, a major architectural artwork by Mark Wallinger, at Runnymede, Surrey

7b. Writ in Water – Max Richter: headphones only

If you have headphones, take a seat inside Writ in Water and listen to an excerpt of Max Richter’s beautiful composition ‘Voices’, inspired by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Langham Pond Runnymede

9. Langham Ponds

Runnymede’s Lead Ranger, Jamie Preston (and Ranger Louise Buckley) lets us into the secrets of Langham Pond and shares some of its wonders.

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